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You are currently at the only Live Journal community dedicated to North & South (by Elizabeth Gaskell) icons. The title is not to be confused with the American mini-series of the same name. ;) Need icons? Pretty ones? Love North & South? You're right where you want to be. Your moderators are dumblydore and wikidwitch.


*] Please post ONLY North & South icons.
*] Credit is very much appreciated; icon-makers put a lot of effort into their works so it is common courtesy to thank them, even if they do not require it. Furthermore, please follow the guidelines stated by the individual icon-maker.
*] Please do not make offensive comments; CC (constructive criticism) is the way to go!
*] No sTiCkY c*APs or any other slaughtering of the English language, kthx.
*] Use a lj-cut if you post more than 3 icons or if your post includes animated icon/s.
*] Pray do NOT hotlink/directly link to other servers. Ideal image servers include Photobucket or ImageShack
*] NO PROMOTION OF OTHER COMMUNITIES. Any other North & South related information should go to our sister community, foolish_passion.
*] Have fun. :)


Will be introduced soon.


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We'd love some. Please comment here.
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